webcams & Streaming

  • Camera over Bay
    Looking across the Bay towards Ravenscar.

    A Dahua IPC-HDW2431 camera
    Streamed by ‘ipcamlive’

  • Dock Cam
    Situated high on the Bay Hotel looking down into the Dock
    (useful for seeing friends arrive after finishing the Coast-to-Coast walk from St. Bees).

    An Axis M2026 camera
    Streamed by ‘ipcamlive’

  • Quarterdeck Cam
    Looking down onto the area known as the ‘Quarterdeck’ towards Ravenscar.

    An Axis M2026 camera
    Streamed by ‘ipcamlive’

  • Clifftop Roaming Camera
    Roaming between Bay and Ravenscar.

    A Uniview IPC6322R-X33UP-D camera
    Streamed by ‘ipcamlive’

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